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We work with most local manufactures If you’re worried about your new tyres’s warranty, the best thing to do is call us and see what their manufacturers dealership’s policies are. Also, most tyre manufacturers now provide a bumper-to-bumper drivetrain warranty included when purchasing their products (and installed by an authorized/accredited Shop ). With this extra warranty, you get peace of mind knowing you’ll enjoy years of worry-free driving.
We are open Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. We also offer an early-bird service on an appointment basis only. Please call 07983653717 to set up your early-bird appointment today.
We specialize in tyres: Wheels and tyres for car , light commercil vans and trucks We repair punctures , balance and wheel alignment We have the finest equipment to ensure no wheel damage, a Road Force balance, and a precision vehicle alignment.
Most fitting will take several hours, Most often, we recommend dropping off your vehicle and we’ll contact you when it is completed, however if you would like to wait, we do have a customer lounge with complimentary WiFi, drinks, and even Blu-Ray movies for the kids.
Whereas it is not required when you purchase your tyres, we do recommend setting an appointment. We make it a point to try and accommodate your schedule and we’ll work with you to get your car/truck tyre as quickly as possible. Give us a call today
At MXTYRES Tyre Center , we there to help, at rates lower than many national tyre chains. We absolutely can install your new tyres, however we do need more info from you. Primarily, we need to know exactly what kind of car/truck you have (ie: Year/Make/Model/ tyre size/), what tyre brand you have, and ideally, the exact tyre numbers you currently have. M_x tyres are not responsible for previously purchased tyres that are wrong or not meant for your vehicle. We reserve the right to refuse installation of inferior/cheap tyres that you may have sourced from eBay or. It’s also important to remember that mxtyres cannot provide a warranty for your previously purchased tyres as we cannot verify purchase from an authorized distributor.
Nobody likes paying fees for disposing old worn out tyres State Scrap tire legislation . fees are collected by the tire seller.Tires aren’t biodegradable, so when they’re buried in a landfill, they remain in the same form forever. however Some of the potential uses include playground surfaces, mulch, and asphalt.State-funded tire recycling programs are responsible for decreasing the number of stockpiled scrap tyres
You can send us messages through our website or Stop by today to discuss the replacent you want and how we can help.
We can be your maintenance and tyre repair service center. Our highly trained technicians can handle most automotive tyre repairs and we look forward to helping you keep your car or truck on the road for many miles to come.
No, you should not put regular tyres on a car set up for run flat tyres. There are two main reasons for this: Run flat tyres are very hard due to the reinforced sidewall. The car's suspension is set much softer so the ride is normal for occupants. If a regular tyre is fitted then the ride will feel very soft and the handling will be adversely affected, which could present serious safety concerns. It may also invalidate your insurance. As the car will not have a spare or any other way to deal with a flat tyre, when non-run flat tyres are fitted, the car will be stranded if a puncture does occur.
we always perform a precise alignment so your ride with track straight, your tires will wear evenly, and the vehicle will handle its best. We also provide and require a free re-torque after 500 miles, just so we can double-check everything is like it should be. After that, we also provide free tire rotation every 3000 miles—this is vital to keep those new tires lasting thousands of miles.
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